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in comes dir of markdown out goes a navigatable website / blog
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Bash Blog

in comes a dir of markdown, out goes a navigatable website / blog


  • Pandoc needed for parsing markdown into HTML


  1. Run the script in a directory with some markdown
  2. Copy in styles.css into that dir or pass in your own as shown below
  3. Enjoy HTML
    Bash Blog
    Generate navigatable HTML from markdown filled directory.

    usage: bash-blog [-d directory] [-s css-file] [-o output]

        -d, --dir           the directory to look for markdown (and gen output)
        -h, --help          brings up this message and exits
        -o, --output        the root output directory. Creates needed directories if they do not exist. Remember the root of this output dir will need a stylesheet.
        -r, --not-root      add flag to prevent the markdown at this level from displaying a link to parent dir. Likely only useful from the script itself
        -s, --style         path to a css file to use a different stylesheet than default
        -v, --verbose       print verbose / debugging info
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