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Building OAuth2 secured microservices with Spring Cloud Security. From my talk at SpringOne2GX 2015
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Martin Eisenhardt Will Tran
Martin Eisenhardt and Will Tran Remove duplicate dependency
There was a duplicate dependency on spring-boot-configuration-processor.
Surely, only one is needed ... :)
Latest commit f38c99f Sep 17, 2015
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microsec-admin-portal Configure apps for PWS Dec 18, 2015
microsec-common Remove duplicate dependency Dec 18, 2015
microsec-customer-portal Configure apps for PWS Dec 18, 2015
microsec-menu-service parameterized urls in api calls. Eureka would be great right about now Dec 18, 2015
microsec-openid-sso OpenID SSO demo using Google and UAA. Dec 18, 2015
microsec-order-service Configure apps for PWS Dec 18, 2015
microsec-test Add OAuth2 resource server security. Dec 18, 2015
microsec-token-encryption-gateway Configure apps for PWS Dec 18, 2015
uaa Register a mobile-app client that can get tokens via password grant. Dec 18, 2015
.gitignore Initial commit Sep 17, 2015
manifest.yml Configure apps for PWS Dec 18, 2015
pom.xml What if tokens contained sensitive information? spring-security-jwt Dec 18, 2015


The first commit contains a demo of how to consume the UAA and Google OpenID Connect as identity providers

The rest of the commits outline how to create, secure, and test the security of microservices, one step at a time.

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