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Common C# Network Snippets (with a working WPF Demo)
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Network Facts is a WPF software that capable of:

  • NetStat : Capture network usages
  • [NetDetails] : Display network interface informations
  • [NetPublic] : Retrieve public IP address
  • [NetLocal] : ping to computers that connected in your local networks
  • [NetFi] : show nearby and saved wifi profiles
  • [NetSniffer] : sniff packets that currently going in your computer.

The network usage NetStat uses NetworkInterface.GetIPv4Statistics() that already exist in .NET library. This also the same for NetDetails.

The public IP from NetPublic is retrieved using simple JSON query from with additional query with Google Static Map API and OpenWeatherAPI.

The local network discovery from NetLocal uses cool ListNetworkBrowser library from here.

The nearby and saved wifi profiles NetFi uses WlanApi library from here.

Finally, NetSniffer is able to grab incoming/outgoing network packets from the power of RAW sockets with help from MJSniffer library from here.

Contributions welcome. Thanks for reading.

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