the demo of runc usage
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the demo of runc usage


Ubuntu 16.04

run a container

git clone
cd runc-demo/busybox
runc run busybox

capabilities demo

At first, run a container by

cd runc-demo/busybox
runc run busybox

Then, some errors are encountered when running hostname qiniu

/ # hostname qiniu
hostname: sethostname: Operation not permitted

Now, we add CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability for this container by modifying config.json


After that, running this container again, we can set hostname in this container.

mount demo

we can mount some devices for the new container by modifying mounts field in the config.json. For example, we can mount /sys/fs/cgroup for the new container by adding the following configuration.

		"destination": "/sys",
		"type": "sysfs",
		"source": "sysfs",
		"options": [
+	},
+	{
+		"destination": "/sys/fs/cgroup",
+		"type": "cgroup",
+		"source": "cgroup",
+		"options": [
+			"nosuid",
+			"noexec",
+			"nodev",
+			"relatime",
+			"ro"
+		]

namespace demo

we can add this container into the existing namespaces by namespaces field of the config.json. For example

"type": "pid",
"path": "/proc/15428/ns/pid"

this container will be added into the PID namespace of the 15428 PID process.