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Onyx IDE

Authors: William Gaul
Version: 1.0


Onyx IDE is an IDE I created for use with UnrealScript and UDK. Because it is built with pure Java, it can run on any machine that has a JVM installed -- this means Windows AND Macs (not to mention probably Linux too, although I've never tested it). Although UDK-specific functions are only supported on Windows, Onyx IDE allows developers to continue coding in a familiar environment even when they're on a different platform.

Open Source?

Because I have no more time to maintain Onyx IDE, I have decided to release its sources for the UDK community to study and improve. Initially all I wanted was an IDE I felt comfortable with for personal use, but if anyone out there wants to make it better, they now have the chance.


You can download, modify, and redistribute this code in any way you see fit, as long as:

  • you give proper attribution, either by saying "code by William Gaul" or linking to my blog or something like that
  • you retain any attributions to third parties that are already in the code
  • you do not sell this code or otherwise profit directly from it
  • you inform everyone that you distribute this code to about the above clauses

I am also not responsible if your computer explodes, or anything like that :)


  • UnrealEditor: contains a snippet of the NetBeans source folder, including all sources, libraries, assets, and build files
  • Distributables: contains all documentation and files necessary for distributing Onyx

More Info

Onyx IDE is built with Java 7.0 in NetBeans. The sources should compile pretty much as-is, but to compile the platform specific versions you will need the following:

  • Windows: launch4j (or a similar program of your choice)
  • Mac: JarBundler (this one is included as a step in the ANT build process, so if you have it already it will automatically compile a Mac application)

You can recompile a version of by using Flex and the uscript.xml file (this part is hard, so don't feel bad if it doesn't work).


  • Robert Futrell: RSyntaxTextArea and AutoComplete libraries
  • Michael Hagen: Beautiful JTattoo Swing themes and various icons
  • David Ekholm: JTextPad structure, used for core components
  • Girish Chavan: Embedded searchable JTree
  • JAlbum: Portions of core code

This project was pretty much hacked together from 5000 different sources (mostly Stack Overflow). If I missed anyone, please let me know and I will gladly include them.