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This repo contains the source code and content for my website at

Content is authored in plain-text-friendly markup formats like Markdown and served using a dynamic stack (described below). New code can be deployed and content added or updated via git push.


  • React: Declarative, component-oriented view layer.
  • Relay: Declarative data-management.
  • GraphQL: Hierarchical data querying language, type system and server.
  • Git: Main content storage.
  • Redis: Indexing and caching.
  • memcached: Caching.

Supporting tools and technologies:

  • Markdown: Preferred content markup.
  • Vim: Content editing.
  • Marked 2: Local content previewing.


Why not use a static site generator?

A static site generator would very much be the right tool for this job, however, building the site on a custom React/Relay/GraphQL stack was much more fun, so I did that instead.

Why the name "Masochist"?

Please see the introductory blog post, "Introducing Masochist".