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Natural Language Processing (NLP), Stats & ML

Welcome to winkJS! 👋🏼

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Built by the team at Graype Systems, winkJS is an endevaour to make developer-friendly, open source tools for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning that run on Node.js as well as web browsers. We 💜 open source software and believe in quality, standards and comprehensive documentation.

Our flagship package, winkNLP, is a JavaScript library for NLP. With full support for Typescript, it is designed to make development of NLP applications easier and faster.

WinkNLP Features

Along with winkNLP, we create standalone packages that draw from our decades of experience in solving real-life business problems. All winkJS packages are available under the MIT license.

Thank you Zulip, Zenhub, Observable, Coveralls, and Travis CI for sponsoring/supporting winkJS.

Want to support winkJS? Please ⭐️ winkNLP if you find it useful, and get in touch with us for tailor-made consulting on projects involving analytics, IoT and streaming. We sincerely value your support. 🙏


  1. wink-nlp wink-nlp Public

    Developer friendly Natural Language Processing ✨

    JavaScript 1.2k 57

  2. wink-statistics wink-statistics Public

    Fast & numerically stable statistical analysis

    JavaScript 46 7


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