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Chrome extension that replaces all your friends on Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.
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I'm Mark Zuckerberg

"I'm Mark Zuckerberg" is a Chrome extension that re-imagines your Facebook experience by replacing all your friends profile images and names with Mark Zuckerberg. It is not in the Chrome Store yet but aims to be soon.

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You can install this extension yourself without it being on the Chrome Store as long as you have a Google Chrome web browser. Instructions are as follows:

Get a copy of this repository:

Either Dowload via the green clone or download button or clone from your terminal/command-line by entering the following:

$ git clone

If you download via the green button you will have to un-zip the folder.

Add to your browser extensions:

With a Chrome browser, open up the extensions page located at: chrome://extensions. Next, open up your the folder you just downloaded and the drag and drop the chromePackage folder into the webpage you just opened.

I'm Mark Zuckerberg should now be installed:

Vist and enjoy your new life with just you, yourself and Mark.

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