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Direct Execution sinks

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Browser JavaScript execution sinks

The following JavaScript functions parse strings as JavaScript. If it is possible to control, even partially, the vulnerable argument, then it is possible to execute JavaScript.

Function Name Argument Browser Example
eval first All eval("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal )
Function first if there's one, the last if >1 args All Function("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal ) ,

Function("arg","arg2","jsCode"+usercontrolledVal )
setTimeout first IIF it is a string All setTimeout("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal ,timeMs)
setInterval first IIF it is a string All setInterval("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal ,timMs)
setImmediate first IIF it is a string IE 10+ setImmediate("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal )
execScript first IE 6+ execScript("jsCode"+usercontrolledVal ,"JScript")
crypto.generateCRMFRequest 5th Firefox 2+ crypto.generateCRMFRequest('CN=0',0,0,null,'jsCode'+usercontrolledVal,384,null,'rsa-dual-use')
ScriptElement.src assignedValue All script.src = usercontrolledVal
ScriptElement.text assignedValue Explorer script.text = 'jsCode'+usercontrolledVal
ScriptElement.textContent assignedValue All but IE<9 script.textContent = 'jsCode'+usercontrolledVal
ScriptElement.innerText assignedValue All but Firefox script.innerText = 'jsCode'+usercontrolledVal
anyTag.onEventName assignedValue All anyTag.onclick = 'jsCode'+usercontrolledVal