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G3nius created by WitBlack. Also you can Search 'WitBlack' in for get more information about programmer.

My Info:
Telegram: @WitBlack
Instagram: @WitBlack80

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Welcome to the G3nius-tools wiki!
Here we help to using advanced, Bugs and fix them, Plugins and etc.

I try hard to make best tools for you.
Donate me if you like G3nius-Tools.
Iranian meli bank: 6037-9975-1855-6791 ( ملی - علی حسن زاده )
BTC Wallet: 17865b41-ec39-4798-a70d-242b14fa15dd

Also you can use this social networks to contact us:

Instagram: @WitBlack80
Telegram: @WitBlack
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Enjoy using :)