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Heidelberg Monograph PublishingTool (heiMPT) is a stand-alone platform, as well as a plug-in application for OMP. It enables a high degree of automation in the digital publication process.



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Heidelberg Monograph Publication Tool (heiMPT) is a stand-alone platform, as well as a plug-in application for OMP, developed by staff of Heidelberg University Library in cooperation with external partners, with funding of German Research Foundation (DFG).

It enables a high degree of automation in XML-first publication processes

heiMPT software consists of independently executable modules for typesetting, xml-processing and output generation. A central module provides support for project specific configuration, tool setup and API integration. Documentation refers explicitly to JATS and BITS XML formats from National Library of Medicine, but this tool suite can be used for any publishing automation process.

  • : main tool for module integration
  • Typesetting : (Input document into XML): any command-line compatible XML typesettings/conversion tool
  • : post-processing JATS XML files for print and electronic publication. Supports functions such as auto numbering, sorting references, deleting unreferenced references etc.
  • : merges several JATS/BITS XML Files together in a pre-defined order.
  • XML documents are converted to desired output formats such as HTML, PDF, and ePub. Stylesheets are also available for further customizations.

doc2pdf Pipeline


git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive --remote
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt 


python3 import omp submission_id
python3  configurations/word_to_bits.json --debug




The lead developer is Dulip Withanage, Heidelberg University Library

Additional contributions were made, in (alphabetical order) by:

  • Frank Krabbes, Heidelberg University Library
  • Mayumi Ohta (Jun.2014 - Feb.2015), Cluster of Excellence, University Heidelberg
  • Katharina Wäschle (Nov.2015- Oct.2016), Heidelberg University Library
  • Nils Weiher, Heidelberg University Library

Software development tools

PyCharm Python IDE