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1Page Gallery

An auto-generated, simple, single-page jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP photo gallery from a zip file of images.

1Page Gallery is simply the easiest photo gallery to deploy for non-programmers and developers needing to give clients a simple photo gallery with minimal footprint. The 1Page Gallery is a jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP slideshow gallery which will automatically create a simple, elegant desktop and mobile-ready image gallery.

Too many slideshow plugins require significant manual configuration and editing along with managing a number of source files and assets. 1Page favors simplicity over all else. The 1Page Gallery requires deployment of 1 PHP file, 1 build script, and a zip file of your high resolution images.

Simply add the index.php, build script, and a zip of your high resolution images and a simple, elegant jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP photo gallery will be auto-magically generated. Advanced users can of course skip the zip and build step and manually create their images/ and thumbs/ directories.

Free for all purposes, personal and commercial under the MIT license. See LICENSE. Attribution in the footer is certainly appreciated, but not required; however, license text must remain intact.

For a demo, see


  • php5
  • imagemagick (to use build script)
  • unzip (to use build script)

To install dependencies,

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install php5 imagemagick unzip


sudo yum update && sudo yum install php5 imagemagick unzip


  1. Clone/checkout this repo
  2. Place a zip file containing your high resolution images at the same level as index.php
  3. Run build script from same directory as zip file to generate thumbnails and reasonably small images


  • In index.php
// Heading to title page
$siteName = '1Page Gallery';

// Link logo/header takes user to
$logoLinkUrl = '/';

// Your logo; leave blank if wish not to use one
$logo = '';

// Your Google Analytics ID
$googleAnalytics = '';

// Duration to display each slide in milliseconds
$slideTime = 5000;


An auto-generated, simple, single-page jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP photo gallery from a zip file of images.







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