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Retropie for Pocket Pi FE

We've worked hard to create a CPU and battery friendly image for the Pocket Pi FE, balancing performance with overall power usage. You can find the download in the releases section. Thanks for supporting the Pocket Pi FE.

The Pocket Pi FE uses the newly developed One For All software which handles the everything from the battery monitor to the controls. It's constantly being developed and if you do find any issues please don't hesitate to raise them on the One For All github, or if you're not sure if the problem is related to that software, on this repository.

How To

You will need

  • 8GB or larger Micro SD Card. The better the quality, the faster things run. A good card would be class 10. You can pick up 64GB cards for around $12 now.
  • Etcher This is a brilliant too to burn zipped images to SD cards. You don't have to use this but I personally have not had any errors with it.


  1. Download the latest release from the releases section
  2. Insert Micro SD card into the computer
  3. Open Etcher.
  4. Click 'Select Image' and browse to the file downloaded in step 1.
  5. Select the Micro SD card to burn to (normally automatically selected)
  6. Click 'Flash' and wait for completion.

After this is done, simply pop the micro sd card into the Rasbperry Pi and turn it on!

Expanding the SD Card Image

If your card is bigger than 8GB, you will need to expand the image. This simply means allowing Retropie to use the full size of the micro SD card instead of just 8GB. There is a brilliant tutorial here /


Retropie Image for the Pocket Pi FE



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