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Sparkle | LifeOS for Humans

✨ The personal development framework and Personal Knowledge Management platform. We build a better place for knowledge.

To infinity and beyond! 🙌

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Sparkle is your personal development framework and platform for crafting your digital identity and mind. The system comprises of three key components: a framework, a platform, and a subconscious.

The Framework

Named SPARKLE, this framework is an acronym encapsulating the core elements of your digital brain:

  • S (Stream): A quick way to set aside important information.
  • P (Projects): The endeavors you're actively engaged in.
  • A (Areas): The roles and responsibilities you manage over time.
  • R (Resources): Topics of interest that may prove beneficial later.
  • K (Knowledge): Your accumulated expertise over time.
  • L (Legacy): A cold storage for inactive or completed information.
  • E (Essentials): Your uniqueness, identity, principles, and significant goals.

Inspired by Tiago Forte's groundbreaking book The PARA Method, this framework reimagines his concepts. It adapts them to today's digital capabilities.

The Platform

Expanding your digital horizons, this platform integrates universally accessible solutions like Obsidian and Raycast, enhancing them with superpowers for superior data processing automation – all locally and privately.

The Subconscious

Your digital subconscious is the key to future success. You are what you consume. Your interests, books, articles, and experiences shape your personality. Today, with projects like OpenAI and LlamaIndex, all these can be digitized, and your capabilities can be expanded boundlessly!

We synergize these components into a cohesive system to unlock your true potential. Welcome to Sparkle – where your digital brain evolves!

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  1. playbook playbook Public template

    ✨ Obsidian vault to quick start with SPARKLE framework.

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    ✨ Sparkle service.


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    🎻 The missing RSS manager.

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    ✨ Sparkle service.

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    🌱 OctoLab community at GitHub.

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  • playbook Public template

    ✨ Obsidian vault to quick start with SPARKLE framework.

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    ✨ Go wrapper for TDLib with context support.

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