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Add pixel size mark on image and save as .png. Build with p5.js, electron and canvas.
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PixelShank Icon

Add pixel size mark on image and save as .png. Build with p5.js, electron and canvas.

PixelShank Screenshot

Download PixelShank Desktop Apps

PixelShank is integrated with electron, aftere simple setup, you can build the cross-platform desktop app on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Windows app version is ready on sourceforge:

It is a zipped file. Download, unpack it and click "pixelshank.exe" to start.

MacOS app is coming soon.


  1. Check out the repository to your local machine as a new project
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of node.js installed.
  3. Open the terminal cd to the project folder .../pixelshank
  4. Type npm install to install the Dependencies include electron, electron-packager and electron-prebuild.
  5. Type npm run-script start or run electron ., you will have the development version of the desktop app work.

Package as an app

PixelShank use electron-packager to generate the desktop app for windows, MacOS and Linux.

Build app for Windows

The default setup is for windows(64bit) In terminal, run "npm run-script build", the folder "PixelShank-win32-x64" with PixelShank.exe file should appears in your project folder. Now you can have the program run anytime as you want. If you want to generate app in 32bit, please refer to the document of electron-packager.

You can also directly run the electron command as you want like the sample code below

electron-packager ./ PixelShank --platform=win32 --arch=x64 --version=0.35.0 --icon=./img/icon.ico --ignore=design_source --asar --overwrite
Build app for MacOS
electron-packager ./ PixelShank --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version=0.35.0 --icon=./img/icon.ico --ignore=design_source --asar --overwrite

Build app for Linux or in other format

Please refer to the npm page of electron-packager.

Work in modern browser

It needs you to run a local server to make it work in the browser on local machine. I would suggest http-server if you want to test it locally. You can also upload the index.html, js and css folder to your online server to make it work.

Build with IDE: WebStorm.

Design and Developed with ♥ love by MillieLin.

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