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starcheat is currently incompatiable with Starbound 1.0 - We are currently not accepting issues for Starcheat errors with users running starcheat 0.27 with Starbound 1.0. For updates on 1.0 support, follow issue #282 (early nightly builds with 1.0 support are available).

starcheat is a Starbound player save editor, you can get free pixels with this! (omg)



Starbound starcheat
Starbound 1.0 TBD - nightly builds available
Glad Giraffe 0.27.1
Pleased Giraffe 0.26
Spirited Giraffe 0.25
Upbeat Giraffe 0.21
Enraged Koala 0.17


You can try out the latest in development version (which may not be stable) by following these steps.

Windows: Appveyor artifacts

You can download prebuild nightlies for the latest commit from our Appveyor build bot. Go to or for 1.0 nightlies (the ones labeled with Pull request #288 - Starbound 1.0 Support) choose the build matching your architecture (win32 or win64) and download the latest snapshot from the Artifacts tab.

Mac: Homebrew HEAD build

Follow the steps below to set up our Homebrew tap but instead of installing the stable version run brew install chrmoritz/starcheat/starcheat --HEAD to install the latest nightly or brew install chrmoritz/starcheat/starcheat --devel for the nightly with 1.0 support.

Linux + all Platforms: Build from source

Follow the steps below to build the dev branch from source.

Reporting an issue

Please read and follow these instructions when reporting an issue. This will help us fix your issue faster, because we don't need to ask you for additional information.

Building from source

Here is how to build starcheat from source. Make sure everything in the dependencies section is installed before you do a build.


NOTE: py-starbound is included as a git submodule and needs to be cloned with the following commands:

  • cd <starcheat top folder>
  • git submodule sync
  • git submodule update --init

Applications such as Sourcetree should offer to clone it automatically.


Lines starting with > can be run in PowerShell or cmd.exe.

  • > cd <starcheat top folder>
  • > C:\Python33\python.exe .\
  • Browse to newly created build\ folder
  • Double click

Standalone Build

The standalone build makes an executable which includes all Python and Qt dependencies.

  • Install cx_freeze
  • > cd <starcheat top folder>
  • > C:\Python33\python.exe .\ -e
  • Browse to newly created dist\ folder
  • Double click starcheat.exe


$ cd <starcheat top folder>
$ ./
$ ./build/


  • Install homebrew
  • $ brew update
  • $ brew install chrmoritz/starcheat/starcheat (optionally pass --without-app to not create a .app or pass --HEAD to build the nightly version (or --devel for the 1.0 nightly) instead of the latest stable release)
  • brew linkapps starcheat (symlinks the .app into your Applications folder)
  • $ brew update (check if starcheat is in the updated formula list)
  • $ brew upgrade starcheat (if its in the list above or in brew outdated)

Release checklist

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