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tldr client for vim/neovim
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tldr client for vim/neovim


  • Vim 7.0+
  • unzip
  • curl




vim-tldr follows the standard runtime path structure. Below are some helper lines for popular package managers:

  • Vim 8 packages

    • git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-tldr
  • Pathogen

    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-tldr
  • vim-plug

    • Plug 'wlemuel/vim-tldr'
  • Vundle

    • Plugin 'wlemuel/vim-tldr'

Basic Usage

  • Run :Tldr [command] to find the tldr of command.
  • Run :TldrUpdateDocs to get or update tldr docs.

Basic Options

  • Change the default tldr directory path:

    let g:tldr_directory_path = '~/.cache/tldr'
  • Change the tldr split window type ["horizontal", "vertical", "tab"], Default is "vertical":

    let g:tldr_split_type = 'horizontal'
  • Set language, Default is English:

    The supported language list until 2019-03-27.

    option language
    en English
    zh Chinese
    it Italian
    ta Tamil
    pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese

    If the tldr of specific language is missing, English will be the fallback.
    The contribution to tldr project is welcome, please refer to Tldr Contributing for details.

    let g:tldr_language = 'zh'

Check :help tldr-options for other options.


I'd be glad to receive patches, comments and your considered criticism.

Have fun with vim-tldr!

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