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tldr client for vim/neovim


  • Vim 7.0+
  • unzip (*unix)
  • curl (*unix)




vim-tldr follows the standard runtime path structure. Below are some helper lines for popular package managers:

  • Vim 8 packages

    • git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-tldr
  • Pathogen

    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-tldr
  • vim-plug

    • Plug 'wlemuel/vim-tldr'
  • Vundle

    • Plugin 'wlemuel/vim-tldr'

Basic Usage

  • Run :Tldr [command] to find the tldr of command.
  • Run :TldrUpdateDocs to get or update tldr docs.

Basic Options

  • Change the default tldr directory path:

    let g:tldr_directory_path = '~/.cache/tldr'
  • Change the tldr split window type ["horizontal", "vertical", "tab"], Default is "vertical":

    let g:tldr_split_type = 'horizontal'
  • Set language, Default is English:

    The supported language list until 2021-12-26.

    option language
    ar Arabic
    bn Bengali
    bs Bosnian
    da Danish
    de German
    en English
    es Spanish
    fa Persian
    fr French
    hi Hindi
    id Indonesian
    it Italian
    ja Japanese
    ko Korean
    ml Malayalam
    ne Nepali
    nl Dutch
    no Norwegian
    pl Polish
    pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese
    pt_PT Portuguese
    ro Romanian
    ru Russian
    sh Serbo-Croatian
    sr Serbian
    sv Swedish
    ta Tamil
    th Thai
    tr Turkish
    uk Ukrainian
    uz Uzbek
    zh Chinese
    zh_TW Traditional Chinese

    If the tldr of specific language is missing, English will be the fallback. The contribution to tldr project is welcome, please refer to Tldr Contributing for details.

    let g:tldr_language = 'zh'

Check :help tldr-options for other options.


I'd be glad to receive patches, comments and your considered criticism.

Have fun with vim-tldr!