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Installing a stand-alone Wikibase instance + SPARQL Query Service with Docker

This repository contains an EXAMPLE docker compose file that can be used with the images also contained in this repo. Following these instructions, you'll be able to install a stand-alone instance of Wikibase – the collaborative structured data engine behind Wikidata – as well as fully functional SPARQL endpoint and query service, complete with a data visualization frontend and query helper (similar to the Wikidata Query Service).

Individual documentation for each image used in this example can be found here.

WARNING: Currently this example requires 3GB+ of memory. If you are running Docker for Windows or Mac and have containers run within a VM (the default) make sure you set your VM memory allocation to 4GB. If you don't do this the query service may fail to run.

Installing Docker and the Wikibase images

You'll need to install Docker, Docker Compose and clone images from this repository. For a single script to run that should work on a Wikimedia Toolforge (wmflabs) VM running Debian Jessie with 4GB memory, take a look at in this repository.

1) Install Docker (community edition) & Docker compose

Note: Docker Compose is included in the Docker community edition, so most likely you won't need to install it separately.

2) Copy the docker-compose.yml file

This file is only meant as an example, your modification might be needed.


If you want to develop the Dockerfiles then you should clone this repo and instead use the docker-compose-build.yml file.

3) Setting up and starting the containers

Note: In linux you must either be in the docker group or use SUDO!

Pulling / updating the images

docker-compose pull

Starting the containers

docker-compose up

Quickstatements To set up quickstatements follow the instructions in the quickstatements README

Stopping the containers

docker-compose stop

Removing the containers

docker-compose down

This will keep all data stored by MySQL, Mediawiki and the Query Service in Docker volumes.

Removing both the containers and data

WARNING: this will remove ALL of the data you had added to Wikibase and the Query Service.

docker-compose down --volumes

Backing up data from Docker volumes

All data for Wikibase and the Query Service is stored in Docker volumes. You can create compressed copies of these volumes to use as backups or to hand off to other users.

You can see all Docker volumes created by using the following command:

docker volume ls | grep wikibase-docker

You can grab a zip of each volumes by doing the following:

docker run -v wikibase-docker_mediawiki-mysql-data:/volume -v /tmp/wikibase-data:/backup --rm loomchild/volume-backup backup mediawiki-mysql-data

You, or someone else, can then restore the volume by doing the following:

docker run -v wikibase-docker_mediawiki-mysql-data:/volume -v /tmp/wikibase-data:/backup --rm loomchild/volume-backup restore mediawiki-mysql-data

Accessing your Wikibase instance and the Query Service UI

Access the following hosts:

Creating content and querying it

You can start creating items and properties to start populating your Wikibase instance via these special pages

Once you've created your first items and statements, you'll be able to query them and visualize the results through the Query Service UI.

Exporting data as a JSON or RDF dump

Get a JSON dump from wikibase:

docker-compose exec wikibase php ./extensions/Wikibase/repo/maintenance/dumpJson.php

Get an RDF dump from wikibase:

docker-compose exec wikibase php ./extensions/Wikibase/repo/maintenance/dumpRdf.php