🐳 Docker images and compose file for Wikibase and the query service
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This repo contains images needed to setup Wikibase and a query service using Docker.

Each image contained within this repo has its own README (linked below).

Issue tracking

We use Phabricator to track issues. See the list of current issues.


Image name Description README
wikibase/wikibase MediaWiki with the Wikibase extension README
wikibase/wdqs Blazegraph SPARQL query service backend README
wikibase/wdqs-proxy Proxy to make the query service READONLY and enforce query timeouts README
wikibase/wdqs-frontend UI for the SPARQL query service README
wikibase/quickstatements UI to add data to Wikibase README

Docker compose example

This repo contains an EXAMPLE docker compose setup for Wikibase.