Backbone.js + Rivets.js = Crazy Delicious
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Backbone.js + Rivets.js = Crazy Delicious

In this repository you'll find a full tutorial & pratical example of how you can use Rivets.js (created by Michael Richards) to incorperate powerful data binding patterns into Backbone.js with minimal effort.

To get started...

1) View the demo.

2) Read the tutorial.

3) Browse the source.

I hope you find these examples helpful. Please let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions for improving the tutorial or example code. I can be found here on Github or @wmdmark on Twitter.

To build the demo...

The example code is built via Brunch.

1) Install brunch:

npm install -g brunch

2) Install SASS:

gem install sass

3) Run the demo

npm install
brunch w -s

You should now be able to view the build in your broweser at: http://localhost:3333

Read more about the build commands in the Brunch Docs