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Tymly is managed as a monorepo. All of the packages and plugins maintained inside this repository are independently published on Ordinarily, you should refer to each package's specific installation instructions.


Tymly is constructed from a collection of Node.js packages. To use any of them you'll need to have Node Version 8.4.0 (or above) installed.


We use the Lerna multi-repository tool for managing Tymly's constituent Node.js packages. To quickly install all of Tymly's dependencies (along with other useful multi-package capabilities related to testing and publishing) you'll need to install Lerna:    

$ npm install --global lerna


PostgreSQL is Tymly's database of choice.

To do anything beyond "Hello world!" you'll need to have access to PostgreSQL Version 9.6 (or above) and have created a database before running Tymly.

  • Note that Tymly refers to a PG_CONNECTION_STRING environment variable when establishing a pool of PostgreSQL connections, for example:


Important: Each component within this repository is published on as an independent package. For example, pg-info is maintained within this repo and published as its own separate concern here. Please refer to the file within each package for specific usage/installation advice.

With your environment in place, grabbing the latest Tymly (most likely because you intend to develop Tymly as opposed to using one of its published packages) is a simple matter of cloning this repo and running Lerna's bootstrap command:

$ git clone
$ cd tymly
$ lerna bootstrap


The following Lerna command will run all tests in all of Tymly's packages (and also ensures everything meets Standard.js style rules):

$ lerna run test


  • General Tymly documentation is available here
  • Please refer to the file inside each package for more specific information



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