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Winterbloom Castor & Pollux

Castor & Pollux is a Roland Juno-inspired oscillator in Eurorack format.

More details available at

Repository layout

This repository contains the hardware design files, firmware files, factory setup scripts, and user guide for Castor & Pollux.

  • factory/ contains the scripts used to program, test, and calibrate the module after assembly. These scripts are all written in Python.
  • firmware/ contains the firmware source code, build scripts, and third-party dependencies. The firmware is written in C using GCC ARM.
  • hardware/ contains the hardware design files for the mainboard, jackboard, panel, and programming board. These are all created using KiCAD.
  • user_guide/ contains the user's guide source files. These are written in Markdown and published using MkDocs.

License and contributing

Castor & Pollux is open-source hardware and software, however, licensing a project like this is a little complicated. Please take a chance to review the LICENSE file.

We welcome contributions! Please read our Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct.