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Tool for analysts to perform simultaneous lookups (IP, Domain, URL, MD5) against multiple data sources
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TargetAnalyser is basically a rip off of Automater, which is a python script designed to perform URL/Domain, IP Address, and MD5 Hash OSINT tool aimed at making the analysis process easier for intrusion Analysts.

The issue for me is that sometimes I want to look at the page that produced the output, so a UI provides an easy way to get all the info and yet still provide a quick method to open the page. I have also added a lot more OSINT.

All of the input sources are controlled via the Inputs.xml file which is located in the application directory. An example of the configured inputs is shown in the Inputs screenshot below.

The inputs use regular expressions to extract information from a HTTP response. There are various options that can be set for the input source; these options are detailed in the configuration document.


  • Easy to add new sources
  • Supports IP, Domain, URL and MD5 lookups
  • File input data supported
  • Trivially open the web page for the data
  • Can show the HTTP response to fix regular expression issues
  • Has 20 defined input sources (as of v1.0.0 release)

API Keys

Each of the inputs can use an API key defined in the ApiKeys.xml file, located in the application directory. There are two initial defined VirusTotal (VT) and Google SafeBrowsing (GSB), so to use the VT and GSB functionality you need to register with the services and set the API key in the file

Third party libraries

Third Party


  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6.1
  • Windows x64




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