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Vow is a tiny library which allows you to handle promises more safely in your Bucklescript application.

A Vow can be either handled and unhandled. All promises of type vow 'a handled make sure that you handled Promise rejections. Thanks to that you will avoid the Uncaught promise error.


npm install --save @wokalski/vow

Then add vow to bs-dependencies in your bsconfig.json:

  "bs-dependencies": ["@wokalski/vow"]

Side effects

After series of operations you usually want to "consume" a promise. Vow.sideEffect should be used for that.

It only accepts promises which are properly handled.


You can unwrap a handled promise using Vow.unwrap.

Nesting vows

Js.Promise.t is unsafe when you nest promises. i.e. Js.Promise.t (Js.Promise.t 'a) is unsound. In the runtime it's Js.Promise.t.

This is resolved with vows. If you nest vows they behave as expected.

However if you put a Js.Promise.t inside a vow (which are boxed Js.Promise.t under the scenes) you're gonna get a vow of the following type:

/* in Reason syntax */

vow (Js.Promise.t 'a) 'status

However, under the scenes it'll really be

vow 'a 'status

Therefore vow is not sound.


In order to use vows you have to bind to your existing APIs using Vow.wrap/Vow.unsafeWrap.

If you unsafeWrap a promise which does throw your code will be unsound.


Let's see a real world example of vows with some comments:

let login _: Vow.Result.t authenticationState error Vow.handled =>
  /* Returns a handled Vow.Result.t */
  Login.logIn () |>
  /* Validates the returned value. Since the vow is handled we don't need to catch*/
  Vow.Result.flatMap (
    fun x =>
      if x##isCancelled { LoginRequestCancelled
      } else {
        Vow.Result.return ()
  ) |>
  /* Another handled Vow.Result.t */
  Vow.Result.flatMap Login.getCurrentAccessToken () |> (
    fun x => {
      let token = x##accessToken;
      /* This returns an unhandled Vow.Result.t.
       * Note that the 'error types have to match
       * Because after one error the subsequent operations
       * Are not performed.
      Queries.login ::token
  ) |>
  /* Ooops, the `Queries.login` might reject.
   * We are forced to handle it in the compile time.
  Vow.Result.onError (fun _ => GraphQlSignInError) |>
  Vow.Result.flatMap (
    fun x =>
      switch x {
      | Authenticated {token, userId} =>
        /* The promise we wrap is never rejected */
            Js.Promise.all2 (
              setGenericPassword username::"userId" password::userId service::"userId",
              setGenericPassword username::"token" password::token service::"token"
          ) |> (fun _ => Vow.Result.return x)
      | _ => Vow.Result.return x