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////////                      /////////
/// Current status (Dec/2011)       ///
/// initial 0.1-pre-alpha          ///
//  Draft version NOT FOR PROD USE //
///////                   /////////

Push Mobile Engine is a fast and lightweigth tool to send notification to iOS or Androïd platforms through an asynchronous queue.
It is based on beanstalkd :

Current status :

Testing, only APNS is working for now.

How it works :

Simply consume a Beanstalk queue (produced by PHP, Ruby, Java... see beanstalkd page) and send it to Apple Notification Server or C2DM.

Example :

Assuming you have a beanstalk engine running on localhost, 

Produce a message in PHP :



$pheanstalk = new Pheanstalk('');

$Message[] = "xxxxxxxDEVICExxxxxxxTOKENxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
$Message[] = "Notification from Push Mobile Engine";


And that's it ! Simple is beautifull.

Now lets look at our consumer :

We need a configuration (in this example, call it pme-myApp.ini) file containing this :

host =
port = 11600
tube = myAppTube

dev-mode = 0 ;choose 1 for sandbox
rsa_key= /usr/local/etc/apns/myApp/apn-dev-key.pem
rsa_cert = /usr/local/etc/apns/myApp/apn-dev-cert.pem

dev-mode = 0 ;choose 1 for sandbox

You are now ready, you can produce as many consumer as you want, and lauch it this way :

PMEngined </path/to/your/pme-myApp.ini>


OK I want it and I want it NOW !
Cool, here is what you need :

A beanstakd server that you can get here :
A job producer : You will find Java, Perl, Python, ... , and even .NET client here :

The C librairy to compile our pmEngine :

Then you probably are used to, type 

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

...and that should rock. 

If it does (or not), please report !


Sorry I don't have much time to help, anyway, feel free to ask for improvements, fork it, and play with it.
This software come with no waranty at all. 
If you need help, assistance, special improvement, you can hire contact me at  seb @