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This is an experimental Ember CLI addon that enables routes to render components directly, via a {{component-outlet}}, thereby:

  • Eliminating the need for controllers and top-level templates
  • Simplifying query params and route actions behaviour
  • Enabling component animations on render and teardown

... all while preserving classic routing functionality, so you can simply drop it into existing apps without having to rewrite everything first.

This was originally based on the Routable Components RFC, but rewritten upon its closure to follow the new streamlined direction.

Demo / Docs

For more info, see the interactive docs site, which uses ember-component-routes.

Installation & Compatibility

ember install ember-component-routes

This addon is tested against release, beta, canary and the past three LTS releases

Basic Usage

// routes/post.js

import { ComponentRoute } from 'ember-component-routes';

export default ComponentRoute.extend({

  model(params) {

  attributes(model, params, actions) {
    return { model, actions };

  renderComponents() {

  actions: {
    reload() {

Instead of the classic {{outlet}}, use:

{{!-- templates/application.hbs --}}


When the route is entered, the post-page component will be rendered into the application template's component-outlet, with the result of the attributes hook available as @route on the component:

{{!-- templates/components/post-page.hbs --}}


<button onclick={{@route.actions.reload}}>Reload</button>