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SDK Version: 1.6.0

Woobi programmatic branded video advertising SDK, enables games and entertainment publishers monetization opportunities with 2 major ad formats:

  1. Rewarded video ads Rewarded documentation

  2. Non-rewarded video ads Non-rewarded documentation

Woobi SDK allows publishers both non-precached and pre-cache videos ads providing an efficient and smooth user experience.

Release Notes


  • Pre cache - When you call ״get״ function the new ad will save in the user device for 90 minutes and you can show it by calling “show” function immediately without spending time for loading the video, for better user experience.
  • End card - The End card will show when the video ad has finished in order to encourage user action.
  • GDPR - The publisher can update the GDPR state and the user Consent. The default state is GDPR = false.
  • Custom params - You can now add new parameters to the main extension of the RTB request. In order to activate this feature please call to you account manager.

Getting Started

To get started with the iOS SDK, please follow this link iOS Documentation.

Contact Us

If you wish to integrate Woobi SDK into any commercial applications, please register an account and accept the T&C.

For more information and support, please contact woobi.com/support or reach out to your dedicated account manager