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Release Testing Instructions

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This document contains all the testing instructions for new features and enhancement that are added to each new release. Bugfix testing instructions will remain part of each PR only.


Product Blocks

WooCommerce Product Blocks 2.4 is included in this release. WooCommerce Products Blocks is our eCommerce focused blocks for the Gutenberg editor that has been part of WordPress since 5.0.

The first Product Blocks were included in WooCommerce 3.6. With the inclusion of Product Blocks 2.4 in WooCommerce 3.8, new blocks were added:

  • Reviews by Product
  • Reviews by Category
  • All Reviews
  • Product Search

Existing block enhancements:

  • Now it’s possible to allow hidden products to be selected and shown in the Hand-picked products block.

In order to have access to the new Product Blocks, you will need to have WordPress 5.1+ installed or have the latest version of the Gutenberg Editor plugin installed.

To test, you’ll want to add a new page or post and add each of the new blocks to that page. Some areas to focus on:

  • Blocks discoverability
  • Add, edit, publish, and delete block
  • Block customization

To test the Hand-picked products block enhancement:

  • Create hidden product(s)
  • Add new page or post
  • Add Hand-picked products block
  • Select hidden product(s) to be shown in the block
  • Edit, publish, and delete block

Additional enhancements

In addition to the above, we have also included the following user-facing enhancements in WooCommerce 3.8:

  1. Show error message in "My Account - view order" if the order does not exist.

To test:

  • Go to My Account -> Orders -> View order (any order)
  • Change order ID in the URL to a random order ID (make sure it does not exist in WC)
  • An error message saying Invalid order. should be displayed
  1. Change On-Boarding Wizard to opt-out of usage tracking by default.

To test:

  • Install and activate WooCommerce on a test site
  • WooCommerce on-boarding wizard should start
  • On Store setup page of the wizard, the checkbox next to Help WooCommerce improve with usage tracking. at the bottom of the page should not be selected by default
  1. Add Available on backorder message for products available on backorder.

To test:

  • Create a new simple product
  • In the Inventory section of the product page
  • Set Stock status field to On backorder
  • Don't select the box next to Enable stock management at product level
  • Publish the product
  • Navigate to the product page at the front-end of the site
  • Notice saying Available on backorder should be displayed on the product page
  1. Remove broken download link for downloadable products in refund emails.

To test:

  • Create a virtual downloadable product
  • Place an order for the product and refund it
  • Check Refund email - it should not contain Downloads section with a link to download product
  1. Add Zambia's Provinces to the list of states.

To test:

  • Visit WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  • Click on Add shipping zone
  • In Zone regions filed, type Zambia - you should be able to see and select different provinces, e.g. Muchinga
  1. Update the recommended PHP version to 7.0 and the recommended WP version to 5.0. You should see a recommendation notice if you are using a less than recommended version of PHP and WordPress
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