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Web Client for Mopidy Music Server and the Pi MusicBox
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With Mopidy MusicBox Webclient, you can play your music on your computer (Rapsberry Pi) and remotely control it using your computer, tablet or phone.

This is a responsive webclient especially written for Mopidy, a music server. Responsive, so it works on desktop and mobile browsers. You can browse, search and play albums, artists, playlists, and it has cover art from

Mopidy is a music server which can play music from Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, etc or from your hard drive.

If you want to run Mopidy with this webclient on a Raspberry Pi, do yourself a favor and use my custom built SD-image: Pi MusicBox.


Install by running:

pip install Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient

Alternatively, clone the repository and run sudo python install from within the project directory. e.g.

$ git clone
$ cd Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient
$ sudo python install


Point your (modern) browser at Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient running on your Mopidy server e.g. http://localhost:6680/musicbox_webclient.

Project resources


v2.0 (26-3-2015)

  • Pausing a stream will now actually stop it.
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts in some browsers.
  • Use relative path for script files to fix proxy support.
  • Description text for control icons.
  • Added consume and single playback modes.
  • Changed from a static webclient to a dynamic webapp.
  • New musicbox config setting to hide Musicbox specific content.
  • Added popup tracks menu to the Browse interface.
  • Fixed wrong jQuery version on some pages.


  • Added AudioAddict icon
  • Bugfixes of course


  • A friendlier welcome with a home page with buttons to the most used functions
  • Converted Radio Stations to Streams, so user can add streams for youtube, spotify, soundcloud, podcasts
  • Enhanced radio/streams interface
  • Search: select service to search
  • Fixed single quote bug #39
  • Better handling of coverart
  • Youtube icons added
  • Bugfixes (search, popups, etc)

v1.0.1 (20-9-2014)

  • Small fixes for Pypi distro

v1.0.0 (20-9-2014)

  • Compatible with Mopidy v0.19
  • Made pip installable
  • A lot of fixes
  • Works with mopidy-websettings extension

v0.1.0 (2013-07-21)

  • Compatible with Mopidy 0.14+
  • More ways to add a song to the Queue (play next, add to bottom, etc)
  • Better Queue popup
  • Button to clear the Queue
  • A bit more speed
  • Local files show up in search
  • Bugs fixed
  • New instructions in the read me
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