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Contributions are welcome.

The public git repository can be found on


There's two options for submitting patches:


  • Please stick to the coding style found in the files.
  • No tabs
  • 2 spaces indented for each level
  • Braces on the same line as if', else', functions, etc.
  • Avoid non-portable code
  • No ASM
  • Comment all changes which are not clear
  • No change should introduce warnings into the normal or debug compiling.
  • Use strlcpy,strlcat,snprintf,strdup
  • Do not allocate large buffers on the stack (char x[4096] = "")
  • Avoid excessive use of strlen(), cache your values when possible.
  • Use very little C++ additions. (Adds too much overhead since most of the code is using c stdlib)
  • Avoid all STL.
  • Do not use exceptions
  • No RTTI
  • Communicate with other developers in #wraith on EFnet.
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