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WSL Korea User Group (WSLHUB)

WSL Korea User Group

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  1. WSL-DistroManager WSL-DistroManager Public archive

    Highly customizable WSL distro manager for Windows 10 and Windows Server 19H1+

    C# 136 11

  2. WslManager WslManager Public

    .NET Core and non-designer based WSL Manager

    C# 86 15

  3. wsl-firststep wsl-firststep Public

    WSL을 설치하면서 처음에 하는 일들을 모아놓은 리포지터리입니다.

    52 10

  4. wsl-sdk-com wsl-sdk-com Public

    WSL SDK COM Module (Out-of-Process Type)

    C# 12 2

  5. WslQuery WslQuery Public

    This program is a utility that reads the internal information of Windows Subsystem for Linux from the system and outputs the data to a standard output device in JSON format.

    C# 11

  6. wsl-sdk-dotnet wsl-sdk-dotnet Public

    This project contains a WSL API wrapper for Windows developers who wants to integrate WSL features into existing Windows applications. You can enumerate, query, executing WSL commands via C# classes.

    C# 9


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