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A one-page, Visual Canvas for Emerging Technology Evaluation, in the style of “the Business model Canvas".
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Emerging Technology Analysis Canvas

The rate of technology change is getting faster. To survive in this fast-changing world, both the organizations and practitioners must understand both the current technology landscape as well as its ebbs and flows. Every year, as a part of annual planning, most organizations make these decisions.

Although it is a regular decision, which many organizations must make yearly, there is no widely accepted framework for evaluating emerging technologies.

We present “Emerging Technology Analysis Canvas” (ETAC), a framework to assess an individual emerging technologies.

Figure 2: Artificial Intelligence ETAC)

Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, It represents different aspects of technology visually on a single page. This approach includes a set of questions that probe the technology arranged around a logical narrative. The visual representation is concise, compact, and comprehensible at a glance.

It provides

  • a logical framework to assess the emerging technologies
  • a framework to teach, to learn, and to discuss different aspects of the technology
  • as a brainstorming tool when trying to understand emerging technologies.

You can find more details from ETAC specification.

Following are some meterial about ETAC.

Future outlooks based on ETAC.

We welcome and appreciate any feedback, changes, or contributions. Please send a pull request, create a github issue, or send a mail to

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