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Use Poor Man's SQL Formatter in Azure Data Studio
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poor-formatter README

This uses the Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter to format your T-SQL inside Azure Data Studio/SQL Operations Studio.


You can either "prettify"/"beautify"/"format" or obfuscate your T-SQL.

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • poorSql.tabIndent: Use tabs for indentation?
  • poorSql.numIndentSpaces: Number of spaces to use when indenting. Ignored if tabIndent is true.
  • poorSql.maxLineWidth: Max characters per line.
  • poorSql.statementBreaks: Number of line breaks between statements.
  • poorSql.clauseBreaks: Number of line breaks between clauses within a statement.
  • poorSql.expandCommaLists: Expand comma-delimited lists onto new lines?
  • poorSql.trailingCommas: Should commas be at the end of lines?
  • poorSql.spaceAfterExpandedComma: Should a space be added after commas?
  • poorSql.expandBooleanExpressions: Should boolean operators cause a linebreak?
  • poorSql.expandCaseStatements: Should WHEN and THEN expressions in a CASE statement cause a linebreak?
  • poorSql.expandBetweenConditions: Should arguments of BETWEEN expressions cause linebreaks?
  • poorSql.expandInLists: Should IN lists be split by linebreaks?
  • poorSql.breakJoinOnSections: Should the ON section of a JOIN clause cause a linebreak?
  • poorSql.uppercaseKeywords: Should keywords be automatically uppercased?
  • poorSql.keywordStandardization: Should less-common keywords be replaced with common alternatives? (Caution: only safe for T-SQL)
  • poorSql.obfuscate.randomizeKeywordCase: Obfuscation: should the case of keywords be randomized?
  • poorSql.obfuscate.randomizeLineLengths: Obfuscation: should line lengths be randomized?
  • poorSql.obfuscate.preserveComments: Obfuscation: should comments be preserved?
  • poorSql.obfuscate.enableKeywordSubstitution: Obfuscation: allow common keywords to be replaced with less common alternatives? (Caution: only safe for T-SQL)

Release Notes


Initial release.

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