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Open Discovery

This project has the goals

  • (for the moment) to play around with a freely usable TRIZ RDF-ontology based on a thorough analysis of appropriate publications to ease the application of semantic technologies in that area,

  • to collect material, texts and tools around TRIZ and its generalizations that can be reused under the terms of appropriate Creative Commons licenses.

A first draft of a demo web application is available under

The directory structure

  • Data - RDF Metadata, a first attempt.
  • rdf - a first attempt towards a RDF based TRIZ ontology.
  • Sources - Sources (mainly LaTeX) of several texts.
  • Texts - Texts supplied under the terms of CC-BY by different authors.
  • web - the sources of the web pages at
  • workbench - my workbench, to be moved into a feature branch later on.
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