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SublimeREPL - run an interpreter inside ST2 (Clojure, CoffeeScript, F#, Groovy, Haskell, Lua, MozRepl, NodeJS, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, shell or configure one yourself)
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SublimeREPL for SublimeText (2 and 3)

Stories in Ready

If you would like to donate to support SublimeREPL development, you can do so using GitTip or PayPal. Someone willing to take care of documentation would also be very welcome :-)



  • Run an interpreter (REPL) inside SublimeText2 view/tab.
  • Per-language persistent REPL history.
  • Easily evaluate code in the running REPL
  • Replace your current build system, and use stdin in your programs.
  • Rich configuration with platform specific settings, project/file dependent environment variables and sane defaults.


  • Launch python in local or remote(1) virtualenv.
  • Quickly run selected script or launch PDB.
  • Use SublimeText2 Python console with history and multiline input.

(1) - (ssh, linux/osx only)


Running python code in SublimeREPL

Running python code in SublimeREPL

R on Windows

R on Windows



  1. Install Package Control.
  2. Install SublimeREPL
  3. Preferences | Package Control | Package Control: Install Package
  4. Choose SublimeREPL
  5. Restart SublimeText2
  6. Configure SublimeREPL (default settings in Preferences | Package Settings | SublimeREPL | Settings - Default should be modified in Preferences | Package Settings | SublimeREPL | Settings - User, this way they will survive package upgrades!


Very basic documentation will soon be available on RTD:

Getting started

  • Create or open your file with code.
  • Menu / Tools / Command Palette (OS X: ⇧⌘P) then type "SublimeREPL" and select the approperiate language.
  • Menu / View / Layout / Rows: 2 (OS X: ⌥⇧⌘2).
  • Menu / View / Move File to Group / Group 2 (⌃⇧2).


  • Evaluate in REPL:
  • ctrl+,, s Selection
  • ctrl+,, f File
  • ctrl+,, l Lines
  • ctrl+,, b Block
  • Transfer in REPL (just copy, without evaluating it):
  • ctrl+shift+,, s Selection
  • ctrl+shift+,, f File
  • ctrl+shift+,, l Lines
  • ctrl+shift+,, b Block

Note: ctrl+,, f means: press Ctrl and Comma, release all, press F.

License and Price

Since version 1.2.0 SublimeREPL is licensed under GPL. Previous versions were licensed under BSD. If you're using SublimeREPL in commercial environment a donation is strongly encouraged ;-)


SublimeREPL is developed against the latest dev build of SublimeText3. Ubuntu 13.04 is main

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