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Sending a break signal to R console #314

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Before anything else, thanks a lot for creating SublimeREPL it supports a very nice interactive R workflow inside Sublime.

Having said that, the only thing I feel I'm missing from my previous sublime + R terminal workflow is the ability to send a break signal to stop the execution of a command on the terminal, on the mac os that happens by pressing esc on the keyboard or clicking the stop icon on the GUI. I have been looking online for a way of doing that but so far I haven't found one, I was wondering how difficult it is to do that and/or if it's feasible to have that in SublimeREPL for R.



You can press CTRL + SHIFT + C to terminate the execution in the R terminal.


How can I do this on Windows? CTRL + SHIFT + C clears the REPL screen.


It is unsupported on windows, you may change the hockey by yourself.
Please refer to

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