Generate Dash docset for Dash/Zeal from your local $GOPATH packages
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Generate Dash docset for Dash/Zeal from your local $GOPATH packages.


  • Support Package, Type, Function, Constant, Variable entry types of dash docsets currently.

  • You can set your own custom docset name and icon for different $GOPATH.

  • Concurrent generating, usally it only takes a few seconds to complete.

  • Go standard libraries are ignored, as there's Go docset in Dash/Zeal downloads already.

How It Works

While running, godocdash will first start a temporary godoc server, then find the package entries to grab the godoc pages, and generate the docset.


go get

And make sure godoc command is in your $PATH.


Generally, just run:


And a docset named GoDoc.docset will be generated in your current directory, you can then place it into Dash/Zeal docsets path.

As godocdash directly passes your current environment variables to godoc, you can change the source $GOPATH by setting it while running godocdash:

GOPATH=/another/gopath godocdash

You can also change the docset name and icon, or mute the output:

GOPATH=/another/gopath godocdash -icon 'new_icon.png' -name 'different name' -silent

Command line flags:

$ godocdash -h
Usage of godocdash:
  -icon string
    	Docset icon .png path
  -name string
    	Set docset name (default "GoDoc")
    	Silent mode (only print error)