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programs written and used in Python 2 class
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Python 2

Programs written and used in Prof. Eric Darsow's DAT-129 Python 2 class at the Community College of Allegheny County

Table of Contents

  1. 311 CSV Extraction Utilizes 3-1-1 data from the WPRDC open source data to analyze public works service calls throughout the city of Pittsbugh.
  2. Beautiful NBA Uses the BeautifulSoup library to scrape for useful NBA player statistics.
  3. Class Data Early Python 2 assignment as we got to know each other as a class!
  4. Data Analytics Final Cleaning Program Snippets of code I used to convert, parse, clean, complete, and situate data for my Data Analytics 2 final project
  5. Dictionary Navigation Early programming assignment to navigate through a dictionary provided from another class. Caution: incomplete.
  6. Jail Data CSV Analyzes data from the Allegheny County Jail. Class time exercise in CSV file input/output
  7. JSON Criteria An attempt at writing a program that can take in JSON queries and return a result from a JSON document. Caution: incomplete!
  8. Open Secrets API API scraping assignment through the Center for Responsive Politics' API. Basis for semester final project.
  9. Open Secrets Final Project Perpetually under construction (but completed for all practical class purposes) program/app for navigating the Open Secrets API, investigating legislators and their campaign finance details.

The work in this repository could not have been done without the resources of:

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