Student Submissions for the WWDC 2015 Scholarship
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WWDC 2015 Scholarship Submissions

List of student submissions for the WWDC 2015 scholarship. To add your own below, just submit a pull request!

Name Source Video Social Media Status
Aarti Parikh GitHub
Adil Virani GitHub
Aditya Chugh GitHub @adityachugh1 Accepted
Ahmed Fathi GitHub YouTube @iafapps Accepted
Aleem Dhanji GitHub
Alexander Groß GitHub @iamalexgross Accepted
Alex Studnicka GitHub
Alston Clark GitHub
Aman Jain GitHub YouTube @amanj203 Accepted
Amelia Boli GitHub
Amit Kalra GitHub @AMITNKALRA Rejected
Andrew Clissold GitHub @aclissold Accepted
Andrew Overton GitHub Accepted
Andrew Robinson GitHub @SirArkimedes Accepted
Arik Sosman GitHub YouTube @arikaleph Rejected
Ash Bhat GitHub @theashbhat Accepted
Bastian Aigner GitHub Accepted
Ben Maliel @BenMaliel Accepted
Ben Rosen GitHub
Bojan Stefanovic GitHub @bojanstef Accepted
Braeden Mayer @Braeden_Mayer Accepted
Brandon Shaw GitHub @my_shaw
Brian Huynh GitHub @comps3 Rejected
Bryan Keller Vimeo
Cal Stephens GitHub YouTube @calstephens98 Accepted
Caue Alves GitHub
Charles Truluck GitHub @Charlestruluck_
Daniel Chen GitHub Accepted
Daniel Eisterhold GitHub @daneisterhold Accepted
Daniel Muckerman GitHub @dmuckerman
Diego dos Santos GitHub YouTube
Eddie Kaiger GitHub Accepted
Enrique Melgarejo GitHub @IkeMelgarejo Accepted
Erik van der Plas @erikvdplas Accepted
Evan Dekhayser GitHub @ERDekhayser Rejected
Felipe Polidori Rios GitHub Accepted
Filipe Alvarenga GitHub YouTube @filipealva Accepted
Finn Gaida GitHub YouTube @fga Accepted
Gautam Mittal GitHub YouTube @gthinkin Accepted
Georges Kanaan GitHub @Ge0rges13
Giovanni Alcantara GitHub @gvsi
Guglielmo Faglioni @gui_dev Accepted
Guilherme Moresco Bisotto GitHub Accepted
Guilherme Leite Colares GitHub YouTube Accepted
Harrison Weinerman GitHub
Henrique Velloso GitHub YouTube @HenriqVelloso Accepted
Hollis Liu YouTube @Hollis0807
Ipalibo Whyte GitHub Accepted
Isaac Rodriguez @sideround Accepted
Jak Tiano GitHub
James Brooks @_jbrks Rejected
Jan Fruechtl GitHub
Jared Stefanowicz GitHub @JaredStef Rejected
Jari Martens GitHub
Jill Handy GitHub
Jimmy Liu GitHub
Joan Molinas GitHub YouTube @JoanMolinas
Johannes Lund GitHub @anviking Accepted
John Harding YouTube @JohnnyHarding
Jonathan Andrade GitHub
Jonathan Chan GitHub YouTube /u/NathanJang Rejected
Jordan Singer GitHub CloudApp @jsngr
Jorge Ovalle GitHub
Josh Bruce @Brucey125 Accepted
Josh Trommel GitHub @JoshTrommel Rejected
Joshua Liu GitHub @joshjoshliuliu
Juan Chomali GitHub YouTube @JChomali Accepted
Jurvis Tan GitHub YouTube @jurvistan Rejected
Justin Ehlert GitHub
Kai Aldag YouTube @KaiCode2 Accepted
Kat Slump GitHub Vimeo @KatSlump
Kamesh Vedula Github YouTube @iTeenageCoder
Kevin Ayuque GitHub
Kyle Spadaro @kylespadaro Accepted
Laurin Brandner GitHub @larcus94 Accepted
Lea Marolt GitHub @hellosunschein Accepted
Leo Mehlig GitHub @leoMehlig Accepted
Lorenzo Gentile GitHub Accepted
Luis Chavez GitHub YouTube @Spr_Luis Accepted
Lukas Schmidt GitHub @lightsprint09 Accepted
Marcel Voss GitHub @UIMarcel Accepted
Marcos Borges YouTube @marcosxray Accepted
Matheus Alberton GitHub
Matheus Cavalca GitHub Accepted
Matheus Rabelo GitHub @OMatheusR Accepted
Matthew Palmer Dropbox @_matthewpalmer
Maximilian Litteral YouTube @MaxHasADHD Accepted
Neeraj Baid GitHub @2neeraj Accepted
Nicola Giancecchi GitHub @nicorsm Accepted
Odie Edo-Osagie GitHub @odieED
Oscar Morrison YouTube @oscargemorrison Accepted
Patricia Abreu GitHub
Patrick Balestra GitHub YouTube @BalestraPatrick Accepted
Patrick Murray GitHub Vimeo @_patmurray Accepted
Prithiv Dev @Prithivdev Accepted
Raphael Silva GitHub @peagasilva Accepted
Ravin Sardal GitHub
Remi Santos GitHub @Kemcake Accepted
Remsudeen Rameez @Remzr7 Accepted
Rene Argento GitHub
Robert Mozayeni GitHub Vimeo @rsmoz Accepted
Rodrigo Andrade GitHub @rodrigoschmitt Accepted
Rodrigo Leite YouTube @rodrigo_frelei
Rodrigo Nascimento GitHub Accepted
Sachin Patel GitHub @gizmosachin Accepted
Sahand Edrisian GitHub @Sahandedrisian Accepted
Salavat Khanov GitHub YouTube @khanov Accepted
Salman Husain GitHub YouTube @aero2x Accepted
Sam Eckert @Sam0711er Accepted
Sarah Olson GitHub
Sebastian Dobrincu GitHub YouTube @Sebyddd Rejected
Snaheth Thumathy GitHub Accepted
Stasys Meclazcke GitHub YouTube @Smecla Accepted
Stephan Rabanser GitHub Dropbox @steverab
Stephen McMillan GitHub @Stevowevo77 Accepted
Stephen Melinyshyn GitHub @Melinysh Accepted
Thomas Vagning GitHub @Vagning Accepted
Tillson Galloway GitHub @tillson_ Accepted
Tom de Ruiter YouTube Twitter
Tosin Afolabi GitHub YouTube @tosinaf Rejected
Trent Rand GitHub
Txai Wieser GitHub YouTube @txaidw
Tyler Flowers GitHub
Valentin Perez GitHub
Vignesh Varadarajan YouTube Accepted
Viren Abhyankar GitHub
Xiomara Figueroa GitHub @_xiomara7 Accepted
Yichen Cao GitHub YouTube @schemetrical Rejected
Zoraver Dhillon GitHub
Zuhayeer Musa GitHub YouTube Rejected