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Friend Safari RNG

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Pokémon in Friend's Safari will have a chance of having their Hidden Ability if you and your FC friend have been on the PSS at the same time. And 3rd slot will be unlocked if your friend have been entered the Hall of Fame.

The shiny rate of Pokemon in the Friend Safari is around ~5/4096 without Shiny Charm (4 additional PID reroll) and ~7/4096 with Shiny Charm.

Now RNGing in XY Friend Safari is feasible. It's tricky but stable. This is the guide mainly for perfect Ditto. You can RNG other Pokemon with the same mindset. All the following mechanics and method are discovered by myself(@wwwwwwzx), @Real96 helped me test this method. If you have a better way to adjust the timeline, please let me know. And I assume no responsibility if you don't get your frame.

Here is the first HA shiny 6IVs Ditto in gen6.



  • 3DSRNGTool(v0.9.0 or above, nightly build)and PokeCalcNTR(G6)

  • A copy of X or Y with Ditto slot unlocked Friend Safari

  • Disable PSS communication

  • Pokemon with Synchronize Ability as your party leader

  • Pokemon that can help you catch the Ditto with Imposter

  • Patience and luck for initial seed

  • Note: Get some practice before you start a real run.


  1. Get a proper initial seed.
  2. Consume tons of frames during battle.
  3. Calibrate and adjust your Tiny Timeline until you can trigger the right encounter at that frame.
  4. Let the game follow the timeline and hit the frame.

Haunting for a feasible initial seed

Use Friend Safari Method in Wild RNG tab. Change Filters of your like. Choose your Frame Range you can wait.

Don't worry about the nature and encounter slot because every frame is hittable, we will do it later.

Repeatly press B and A to reseed the game, until you get a good seed.

Calibrate and Adjust the TinyMT timeline using TTT

Why we need this and how to calibrate timeline

See Here

How to read the results

For example, one tiny frame consists of:

  • Main RNG Frame: This tiny frame will exist between main RNG frame 867164 and 867378 shown in the PCalc.
  • Index: The frame number of TinyMT. To differetiate from main RNG, we call it index.
  • Hit: The actual frame you hit when the game starts to use the RNG value. It depends on the delay structure.
  • Enctr? : Encounter or not. X means encounter will fail. If it's a number, then it will success and the number is just the actual RNGed value to check against the encounter rate.
  • Slot: For friend safari, it's the slot shown on the screen before you enter the FS.


For example, if you make a turn at above tiny frame (Hold D-pad in the direction you are not looking at and press A), the encounter will be triggered of Pokemon in encounter slot 3 with synchroed nature.

How does TinyMT Change inside Friend Safari?

  • When X menu is opened, the TinyMT will advance by your character's blink. (blink(+2),blink(+1))
  • When X menu is closed(player is free to move), another movement will advance the TinyMT in time: The character will stretch himself/herself inconsistently (Predictable but not recommended, Stretch).
  • If you make turns at one position, TinyMT will advance by 1 or 3 frames. Or you trigger the battle....
  • When X menu is being closed, TinyMT will rarely advance by two frames. Also the game will advance 2 TinyMT frames every ~16000 main RNG frame, no way to predict it.

How to adjust the TinyMT timeline

The above procedure is telling you how to calibrate the timeline, but sometimes this timeline won't trigger battle.

You can manipulate the timeline by pressing B-X repeatly or take turns out of the grass until you capture a good frame.

You need to recalibrate the timeline afterwards since you interfered the original time structure ;)

Important Information

  1. There will be a cooldown period right after battle, which will prevent you triggering next battle. Make 3 steps before doing timeline stuff.
  2. Check Consider Delay to account for the delay between your input and the actual RNG process.
  3. You may need to calibrate and adjust the Tiny Timeline several times to get a good alignment, so you should practice more and do it in advance.
  4. Synced or not doesn't affect IVs and Ability, but will shift the gender by 1 frame. You can use Assume Synced to account for the gender off.
  5. If you would like to make a step to trigger the battle, change the delay to 14.

Hit your frame, catch your perfect Ditto

Wait until target frame is close (~100-200 frames), close the X menu and pause the game.

Click select/start until you reach your frame.

Double check your frame number, current seed/state and tiny seeds again.

Hold D-pad in correct direction and press A to make a turn. Here we go.
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