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  • wxMEdit is a cross-platform Text/Hex Editor written in C++ & wxWidgets.
  • wxMEdit is an improved version of MadEdit which has been discontinued.
  • wxMEdit can edit files in Text/Column/Hex modes, and supports many useful functions, e.g. Bookmark, SyntaxHighlightings, Encodings, WordWrap, WordCount and Updates checking.
  • wxMEdit support common encodings (UTF8/16/32, ISO-8859-x, CP125x, KOI8, GB18030, Big5, ...) not only in Text/Column modes but also in Hex mode.
  • The purpose of this project is to provide a continually maintained text/hex editor with bug fixes, improvements and refactor.

Mainly Changes from MadEdit 0.2.9

  • Added new killer features:
    • BOM support for GB18030.
    • Inserting ordered sequence.
    • Word boundary with Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Lao/Khmer and Burmese characters etc.
    • Word-wrap meet the Unicode® Standard Annex #14: Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm.
  • Added automatically checking for updates.
  • Added bookmark support.
  • Added right-click context menu for each tab.
  • Added purging histories support.
  • Added selecting a line by triple click.
  • Added FreeBASIC syntax file.
  • Added an option to place configuration files into %APPDATA% directory under Windows.
  • Improved support for "Find / Replace".
  • Improved Mac OS X support.
  • Improved system integration under Windows.
  • Improved encoding detection result.
  • Improved Hex editing support.
    • Added more choices for data format copying/pasting in Hex Area.
    • Added new feature: Paste with Overwriting in Hex Area.
  • Improved encoding support.
    • Added grouping of encodings.
    • Added new encodings: ISO-8859-16, Windows-1258, KOI8-R, KOI8-U, GB18030, CP850, CP852, CP855, CP866, CP437 Variant for ASCII-Art.
  • Redesigned dialogs with Code::Blocks wxSmith.
  • Updated translations.
    • Added Spanish translation.
    • Added Russian translation.
    • Added German translation.
    • Added Polish translation.
    • Updated Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese translations.
  • Fixed many crashes and other bugs.
  • Improved build and packaging configurations.

See ChangeLog for more changes.


  • wxMEdit can run under MS-Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X platforms.
  • Checks for updates automatically.
  • Supports bookmark.
  • Edits files in Text, Column and Hex modes.
  • In Hex-Mode, wxMEdit can open large files which size is up to 32GB (INT_MAX*16).
  • Users can change the encoding of files at runtime like Web-Browsers.
  • Supports many encodings, e.g.:
    • Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16/32 with Little or Big Endian);
    • ISO-8859-116, Windows-12501258;
    • KOI8-R/U;
    • MS936(GBK*), GB18030, MS950(Big5*), Windows-31J(Shift-JIS*);
    • etc.
  • Supports non-BMP Unicode Characters Such as CJK Ext-B/C/D/E, Miao Letters, Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols, Musical Symbols, Emoji, etc.
  • If users input a character that is not supported by current encoding, this character will be converted to Unicode escape format (only code point format supported currently).
  • Regular Expression search & replace.
  • Opens multiple files on single instance.
  • Supports syntax-highlighting of many programming languages:
    • awk, C/C++, CSS, diff/patch, D, DOS Batch Script, Flash ActionScript, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Lua, Pascal, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, UNIX Shell Script, x86 Assembly, XML, Fortran, TeX/LaTeX, Squirrel, C#, Visual Basic, ASP(VBScript), SQL, Verilog, VHDL, FreeBASIC.
  • wxMEdit can view ASCII-Art files with appropriate monospace font e.g.:
    • Courier New under Windows/Mac OS X;
    • Andale Mono, Courier, Menlo, Monaco under Mac OS X;
    • Console and Fixed under Unix-like OS;
    • DejaVu Sans Mono, Free Mono, Liberation Mono, etc.
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