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@@ -37,10 +37,9 @@ These frameworks include Rack adapters in their distributions:
Between the server and the framework, Rack can be customized to your
applications needs using middleware, for example:
* Rack::URLMap, to route to multiple applications inside the same process.
-* Rack::CommonLogger, for creating Apache-style logfiles
+* Rack::CommonLogger, for creating Apache-style logfiles.
* Rack::ShowException, for catching unhandled exceptions and
- presenting them in a nice and helpful way with clickable backtrace
- etc.
+ presenting them in a nice and helpful way with clickable backtrace.
* Rack::File, for serving static files.
* ...
@@ -108,13 +107,14 @@ Please mail bugs, suggestions and patches to
Darcs repository ("darcs send" is welcome for patches):
-You also are welcome to join the #rack channel on
+You are also welcome to join the #rack channel on
== Thanks to
-* Michael Fellinger, for helpful discussion.
+* Michael Fellinger, for the helpful discussion.
* Christoffer Sawicki, for the Rails adapter.
* Armin Ronacher, for the logo and racktools.
+* Alexander Kellett for testing the Gem and reviewing the announce.
* Marcus Rückert, for help with configuring and debugging lighttpd.
* The WSGI team for the well-done and documented work they've done and
Rack builds up on.
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ desc "Run all the tests"
task :default => [:test]
desc "Do predistribution stuff"
-task :predist => [:chmod, :changelog, :rdoc, :distmanifest]
+task :predist => [:chmod, :changelog, :rdoc]
desc "Make an archive as .tar.gz"
-task :dist => :test do
+task :dist => :fulltest do
system "export DARCS_REPO=#{File.expand_path "."}; " +
"darcs dist -d rack-#{get_darcs_tree_version}"

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