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PDF rending plugin for Rails using FlyingSaucer.
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Saucerly provides PDF rendering for your Rails app using the Java-based FlyingSaucer library.

It is based on Princely. The benefit of Saucerly is that it provides competent XHTML to PDF rendering without the $4k PrinceXML pricetag.


Rendering from a template:

class ExamplesController < ApplicationController::Base
  def show
    @document = Document.find(params[:id])

    respond_to do |format|
      format.pdf { render :pdf => 'file_name', :template => 'controller/action.pdf.haml', :layout => 'pdf' }

Rendering from an inline string:

render :pdf => 'file_name', :inline => 'XHTML goes here'


First, set up the dependencies:

  1. Install JRuby
  2. Register the flying_saucer gem dependency: add config.gem 'flying_saucer' to config/environment.rb
  3. Install flying_saucer: jruby -S rake gems:install

Then, install Saucerly:

  • As a gem, add config.gem 'timriley-saucerly', :source => '', :lib => 'saucerly' to config/environment.rb and run jruby -S rake gems:install
  • As a plugin, run jruby script/plugin install git://

Now you're ready to go! Add some code to your controllers like the examples above.

If you're developing on OS X and you don't want a Java icon to appear in your dock, put java.lang.System.set_property("java.awt.headless", "true") in environment.rb or an initializer

Copyright (c) 2009 Tim Riley & RentMonkey Pty Ltd, released under the MIT license

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