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Beancount tips and tricks
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Awesome Beancount Awesome

Awesome Beancount tends to be a collection of various Beancount tricks and tips, giving new users a head start when learning command-line double-entry accounting for the first time. Inspired by @fantasticfears.

What do we have here?

Beancount importers (importers directory)

The original author of Beancount used to have a project "LedgerHub", where all the "dirty code" for importing OFX and stock quotes data into Beancount live. The project is announced dead and the code has been merged back into Beancount.

Few banks outside North America support OFX. Banks and financial services in China, for example, use their own private "bills" format. Users have to write their own scripts to import these bills. Here we have a collection of importers contributed by users.

They are not perfect, many of them have hard-coded values. Pull requests are welcome to make them more portable and universal.

How to get your data (docs directory)

Instructions on how to download your data suitable for importing from the website of your banks.

You are welcome to write more.

Test data (test_data directory)

We provide some test data for you to play and test with. For privacy reasons, some information in the data are censored / modified / faked.

You could also submit your bank bills along with your importers.



For users

  • Get started guides - First entry for beancount beginner who know CLI.
  • Syntax reference - All legitimate syntax and interpretation.
  • Cheat sheet - One page cheatsheet for quick questions.
  • Cookbook - How to manage accounts, how to do accounting in beancount by examples.


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