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Compare contents of multiple directories for equality.
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This is a really simple command-line app that I wrote to compare the contents of multiple supposedly equal directories. I have successfully used it to compare whole disks containing 100k+ files.

You define a source directory (the source of truth) and then any number of target directories. It will then make sure the directory/file hierarchy matches and file contents match based on BLAKE2b, which was chosen for its speed while still being cryptographically secure. Right now it works in haystack mode, which means it only checks if the target directories contain everything that the source contains. The target directories can also contain any number of other files and the program won't care.


brahe [options] [source] [target1] .. [targetN]

        Builds a hash database of all entries in [source] to [target1]
        Checks all files in [target1] .. [targetN] against the hash database in [source]
  -depth int
        Specify how deep into the directory hierarchy to look into.
        Use 0 to check only immediate files/directories with no traversing.
        Use -1 for no limit. (default -1)
  -find-gaps pattern
        The pattern 'IMG_/4:14-155/.JPG' searches for gaps in sequence of IMG_0014.JPG .. IMG_0155.JPG.
        Pattern '/0:1-13/.txt' seeks 1.txt .. 13.txt.
        Don't compare the file contents.
        Also check system names like $RECYCLE.BIN;System Volume Information;found.000;Thumbs.db.

Project status

This project is not actively maintained, however feel free to send bug reports or pull requests.


© Copyright 2016 - 2019 Kaur Kuut

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license

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