Programming the Serial Port using C# and Dot Net FrameWork
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##Programming the Serial Port using C#(CSharp) and Dot Net Framework

The code uses the SerialPort class from .Net Framework to open up a Serial port on Windows PC for communiating with a Microcontroller board (MSP430 Launchpad).

The code also shows how to control the RTS and DTR pins of the serial Port.

Code an be compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio or Opensource Sharpdevelop.

Code will work with traditional serial ports as well USB Serial Converters.

More info about the USB to Serial/RS232/RS485 Converter used in the above tutorial can be found here

The Full explanation of the source code and Tutorial can be found here.

ScreenShot of the Program

Program Receiving the data transmitted from MSP430 Microcontroller (Lauchpad board).