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hs2bf - Haskell to brainfuck compiler


hs2bf compiles Haskell to Brainfuck, not the other way around.

Although it's far from Haskell98, it has lots of Haskell's distinctive features such as ADTs and lazy evaluation.

Language Features

  • Algebraic data type
  • Pattern matching
  • Case expression
  • Lambda expression
  • Function declaration
  • Infix operators
  • Lazy semantics
  • Numeric type Byte and some primitive ops
  • ...

Basically, hs2bf has everything that make code look Haskell-ish.

Runtime System Features

  • Copy Garbage Collection
  • 1 byte address for heap "nodes"

Although number of heap nodes is very limited, it's not fundamental limit and is fairly straightforward (although time-consuming) work to extend it to any number of nodes.

The main hurdle is slow execution speed (and long turn around time when debugging).

Missing Features

  • IO monad (instead, hs2bf has a built-in type E to express all possible IO in CPS style)
  • Type inference & polymorphism (see note below)
  • class / instance definition
  • Proper module system
  • Most of Prelude

Lacking explicit support for polymorphism doesn't mean you can't use polymorphic functions. For example, map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b] works erfectly fine for any a or b in hs2bf. It merely can't prove the correctness of the types when compiling. (You know, a type system is a contraint on pure lambda.)

But lack of class/instance does mean you can't do things like show :: Show a => a -> String or forall.

Compilation & Testing

Run ./conv followed by ./auto-test (you'll need fish shell for both).

If it's ok, the result will look like below (the runtime may differ):

=== test/Halt.hs ===
71330 steps
user:0.00 sys:0.00

=== test/Const.hs ===
2422548 steps
user:0.01 sys:0.00

=== test/ExplicitCase.hs ===
2873704 steps
user:0.02 sys:0.00

=== test/Hello.hs ===
540952260 steps
user:2.82 sys:0.00

=== test/LocalFun.hs ===
14103014 steps
user:0.08 sys:0.00

=== test/Lambda.hs ===
12416333 steps
user:0.07 sys:0.00

=== test/Arithmetic.hs ===
441625467 steps
user:2.27 sys:0.00

=== test/ShowList.hs ===
1031462671 steps
user:5.36 sys:0.00

=== test/QuickSort.hs ===
28503865233 steps
user:144.20 sys:0.17