A set of NuGet Package Analysis rules, e.g. to check whether the package being created has a valid Semantic Version
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NuGet Package Analysis Rules

Just like Code Analysis guards code, NuGet package creation can be guarded by a set of Package Analysis Rules. For a walkthrough on how to create these yourself, I'd recommend you to check out the NuGet Team blog: http://blog.nuget.org/20121023/creating-custom-package-rules-for-your-build.html

In this repository I'll track some of my own custom rules. They are provided AS IS, but feel free to file an issue or submit a pull request if you hit something unexpected or want to contribute.


My first package analysis rule is a very simple yet important one: verify whether the package being created has been given a proper Semantic Version that doesn't violate the official Specification available at http://semver.org.

As NuGet (currently version 2.2) does not fully support this Spec (yet - at least until SemVer hits RTM), this Package Analysis Rule can only check for violations AFTER NuGet created an instance of the SemanticVersion class internally - before reaching the validation logic. This means I can't (yet) built the checks for the SemVer build number annotation.

Semantic Version Rule

Please note: NuGet currently still ignores the PackageIssueLevel.Error and traces a warning instead. As soon as NuGet supports this you'll notice package creation will fail using this SemanticVersionRule (no need to update this assembly as it already uses the Error level).

Deploying the Package Analysis Rules

Simply download the binaries and drop them in the %localappdata%\nuget\commands directory