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This is a speculative README. Nothing in here works yet.

Cibass ("Sea-bass") is a continuous integration server for git projects that supports:

  • Pipelines
  • Artifact repositories
  • Version controlled configuration
  • Manual stages

It uses a lot of git, HTTP, and unix.


Create a configuration file named 'Cibass'and store it in the root directory of a git repository. It can be your main project, or a separate one, it doesn't matter.

Cibass.configure do |config|
  config.create_pipeline(:main) do |pipe|
    # Each pipeline consist of one or more stages that a commit must pass
    # through.
      :command => 'rvm 1.9.2 rake test:unit'

    # A stage will not be run until after all of its dependencies have
    # been successfully run.
      :command      => 'rvm 1.9.2 rake test:acceptance'
      :dependencies => [:unit]

    # Stages can be run concurrently if they have the same dependencies.
    # You can also run arbitrary scripts inside your source tree.
      :command      => 'bin/nonfunctional'
      :dependencies => [:unit]

    # If no command is given, the stage must be completed manually. No
    # restraints are placed on what a manual stage entails, all cibass
    # does is wait for an HTTP request telling it the result of the stage,
    # and any metadata it should store. You should build up your own tooling
    # if you want to use this functionality, see the examples directory
    # for a starting point.

  config.connect('git://path/to/your/repo', :to => :main)

Then start cibass:

# Create a working directory
mkdir ~/cibass

# Start the server
cibass --working-dir ~/cibass --config git://path/to/your/config/repo --port 9999

This starts an HTTP server on port 9999 and a background worked that is ready for action. To trigger a build, post the commit ref you want to run to the pipeline:

# Set common curl options to let us get JSON responses back
echo '-H "Accept: application/json"' > json

curl -k json -X POST http://ci/main/$GITREF

# Recent builds
curl -k json http://ci/main

# Information about a specific build
curl http://ci/main/$GITREF

# Detailed information about a specific stage
curl -k json http://ci/main/$GITREF/unit
curl http://ci/main/$GITREF/acceptance

Use the PUT verb to mark manual stages as complete, and DELETE to remove a stage or commit (if for instance, a CI environment issues caused it to fail).