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all the code i've ever written since grade 11; also includes some forward-ported code from grades 8 and 9.
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.e4css .
8051 .
RemoteSystemsTempFiles misc changes
a .
a1 wnd_2.js: fixed layout in firefox
asynchelpers misc changes
benchmark benchmark: misc
bin_release updated set_env1 script to include bin_release in PATH
btrrp aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
bw3_chat .
calculators simple stub impedance matching calculator
classroom_utils .
common_headers common_headers: minor code cleanup
cplib misc
cpoll cppsp: minor updates
cppsp cppsp: [API break] return a staticPage object instead of a String in …
cppsp_server cppsp: showcache.cppsp fixes
cxxtest .
dbconvert bugfix
dedup .
dht_boot .
dht_test .
fbdview fbdview: misc
generic_gui misc
generic_struct misc
generic_ui misc
gs_m .
httptroll dedup added
include added htmlparser
iptsocks_new iptsocks: misc
jackfft jackfft: updates
js fbdump: misc
jsf .
kmod_devel .
lib_release add to lib_release
p2pc Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
perftests dedup multithreading support added
poco_test .
sdfs remove unneeded files
simplehtml htmlparser: minor api changes, added html comments support
socketd socketd: misc
ssh_lm .
tcpsdump misc
test misc
test1 misc changes
test2 remove unneeded files
test_1 .
trollfs .
trollnet .
ukernel asdfg
utils .
wave_lib2 .
web-_-app2 .
webshell bugfix
webuiserver misc
webvirtmgr misc changes
workspace_a/aaaaa misc
wtsp remove unneeded files
wtwm many changes
.gitignore makefile rewrite fix typo in
asdf.htm misc
bitflip_proxy.C bitflip_proxy: use sendAll()
buffer.C misc
come.C fhadskj
compile_termchat fgsdjf
copy_libs .
curl_test1.C .
decode.C .
eclipse_codestyle.xml .
eclipse_pref.epf update eclipse preferences
email_extract.C bugfix
fb1.c sdfs improvements. misc
gsdhkghsdf.C .
http_simplebench.C added http_simplebench
ifsrv gdsfgfsd
irctroll.C .
lighttpd.conf misc changes
losetup_direct.c email_extract mostly done
makefile update makefile
motd .
motd.1 .
nc.xaxaxa.C nc.xaxaxa: fixed bug causing truncated buffers
oom.c .
p2pc_prototype.cxx sssss
package_cppsp misc
pedobear .
pg_html_dump.C pg_html_dump: misc
readdir.C dedup added
readwrite.c . .
run_tasks.C misc
server123.C .
servertroll.C modifications in sdfs; added servertroll.C
set_env .
set_env1 updated set_env1 script to include bin_release in PATH ssh_persistent: fix crash; allow user to specify custom command inste…
tcpfuck.C makefile rewrite
termchat.cxx .
tlds email_extract mostly done
tmp.C .
tmp.txt .
tmp1.C .
tmp2.C .
trollface .
trollface200.png created iptsocks
web.config .
workspace.workspace misc changes
workspace.workspace.session misc changes
workspace.workspace.xaxaxa misc changes misc changes
ws aaaaaaaa


note: if you're looking for cppsp, it's downloadable as a source tarball from

all the code i've ever written since grade 11; also includes some forward-ported code from grades 8 and 9.

all source code in this repository are licensed under GPLv3 unless otherwise specified.

the workspace layout is currently quite messy; there are a lot of miscellaneous stuff, and projects I've never had time to work on.

the most interesting things and finished projects in there are:

  • cpoll - epoll based asynchronous socket I/O library
  • dedup - simple file deduplicator
  • tcpsdump - like tcpdump, but extracts tcp streams instead of individual packets
  • socketd - web server multiplexer/web application host
  • cppsp - C++ web application framework similar to ASP and PHP
  • fbdump - a simple facebook profile dumping program written in C# with mono+gtk#
  • js - originally intended as a collection of javascript tools; however, it currently contains a newer, scriptable version of fbdump rewritten entirely from scratch; the new fbdump program is entirely javascript controlled
  • jackfft - a JACK audio based FFT filtering application (similar to jamin, but with adjustable FFT size and much lower cpu consumption)
  • nc.xaxaxa.C - my own version of netcat

all of the above projects should be compilable and usable.

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